Modern Japanese Empresses in Photography

Alison Miller traces the early history of photographic representations of Japanese Empresses Shōken and Teimei.


Join Alison Miller for an introduction to the photographic representation of two modern Japanese empresses: Shōken (1849-1914) and Teimei (1884-1951). Miller analyzes examples from late nineteenth and early twentieth century Japan, as well as comparative woodblock prints and lithographs from the same era, to demonstrate how photography was critical in fashioning the image of the modern empresses for both domestic and global audiences.

アリソン・ミラー皇后昭憲(1849-1914)貞明(1884-1951)二人の写真表象について紹介します。ミラーは19世紀後半から20世紀初頭の日本の写真作品や、同時代の木版画リトグラフを比較分析し、国内外に向けて近代の皇后のイメージを形成する上で、写真がいかに重要であったかを明らかにしますAnnotated Bibliography

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For more examples of the use of Empress Shōken’s portrait in postcards, see the Leonard A. Lauder Collection of Japanese Postcards at the Museum of Fine Arts.